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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  77 views

Laid Off :: Now What Next?

in: Tips and Tricks

The title gives you a pretty clear picture of what I am going to talk about. For all the naughty ones who read this, it is not at all about getting laid. What I want to talk about is the issue of cutting jobs and laying off people in tough times. I have heard about people who have absolutely meagre salaries being laid off. And, I have also heard of the big wigs who still ensure that they fly business class. Now, if we are cutting costs, why can’t the Head Honchos and the decision makers fly economy class. I mean three trips made by them might be enough to have saved the meagre earning employee (Probably the breadwinner of the family). What I find even more hard to digest is the fact that when the companies made huge profits, did they share the same with there employees, then why would they burden the already burdened employees with pay cuts and lay offs.

Its all in the game, its a part of the value chain. Any problem, may it be recession or increase in taxes or inflation, the customer at the end of the value chain has and will always bear the brunt. Whom will he pass the burden to? Then, we hear of educated people like software engineers taking extreme measures, not just killing themselves but their families. I have three questions for three different sections of the corporate world:

To the companies: Will they be sharing the profits with the employees with the same fervour as they did with the job cuts and pay cuts?

To the HR/ Recruiters: Will they still seek and look for loyalty when the organizations do not stand by the employees in such tough times?

To the Employees: As you are aware, the companies won’t be loyal to you and you are as good or as bad as the work you do. “Love your Job but never love your company” said Narayan Murthy. And, he also did something to tackle such problems and not be just a software engineer who would have been laid off. He set up Infosys, he moved up the value chain, he gave himself the option of having someone to pass the buck onto, to bear the brunt. With due respect to Mr.Murthy, what I want to say is to be an Entrepeneur. Its high time you chuck your middle-class attitude of having a safe and secure job. Belive me, in this competitive world, No Job is Safe and Secure. So the faster you move up the value chain, the better for you.

Anyone who reads this article is bound to believe that I have lost my job. No, I haven’t yet. But I have heard of so many such incidents around me happening to friends, acquaintances, etc. that I was enthused to write on this issue. I would like to hear from each one of you… any HR guys visiting this page, I would love to hear your point of view as well. To all those who are laid off, please drop in a comment and rise from the phoenix. If they do not have a job for you, go ahead and Create one Job for YouSelf. I know its easier said than done but please give it a thought.