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Last Updated: September 28, 2012  1,143 views

Mobile phone got stolen or lost, what next?

in: Tips and Tricks

Yesterday night, I lost my mobile phone in a bus. While coming out of the bus, I realized, my cell phone was not there in my pocket. But at that time, it was too late to discover the lost phone. I lost my phone with around 3 GB songs, videos, important files, data and a big contact list. Then, I called customer care of Vodafone to block the sim. Believe me, this is the first step that you should do after losing the cell phone. This is very important. However there is a possibility that you just kept it somewhere and forgot about it, so first give a call to your number and try to find out where it is, if it is switched off then it is 100 % confirm that it has been stolen.

Once it is confirm that you lost the mobile, then go ahead and request the customer care to block the sim. Then go to the nearest police station file an FIR stating you lost or someone stolen your phone. I did all these things and now planning for a new cell phone. These are a few things which I learned from this incident ::

  • Always take a backup of all your mobile phone data, contanct by using a data card or bluetooth in your PC or laptop so that you can easily restore all the data in your new mobile.
  • Go to police station with the complete information of your cell phone handset, model, IMIE number, batter number, lost mobile phone number, current contact details, means whatever you know about your phone.
  • If you have very costly phone-set, it is better to have its insurance.
  • Request the customer care of your service provider to block the sim as soon as your realize that you have lost your phone. Don’t wait as the service provider takes 1-2 hours to block the sim.
  • Note down IMEI code of your mobile phone model, so that the mobile can be traced out. There are many free websites available on internet for tracking lost cell phone using IMEI code.

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    Tell me the imei website address PLZ to my mail Id

    Karthik on March 25th, 2010
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    Oh Abhishek you have lost the mobile. what’s is your new number? I am unable to contact you.

    Sumit on March 27th, 2010