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Last Updated: August 8, 2015  169 views

Why should we buy Hybrid Cars?

in: Tips and Tricks

Hybrid_Cars.jpgHonda Civic Hybrid Car has already been launched in India. Also, the Indian automobile players like M&M and TATA motors are planning to launch Hybrid Cars. Now a question arises that why should we buy a Hybrid than normal gasoline Car ? Today I will address this question. Before I answer this simple question, one basic question, what are hybrids ? When a vehicle uses multiple propulsion systems to provide motive power, it’s called a hybrid vehicle. Combination of propulsion systems may be many types but most commonly used system is gasoline-electric which known as gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. Electric hybrid vehicles use gasoline (petrol) to power internal-combustion engines (ICEs), and electric batteries to power electric motors. Much more details I shall give you in my next articles.

Yeah Now the question is still there why should we buy Hybrid cars ? The answers are too many to enumerate.

  • As hybrid are less polluting and they have higher fuel efficiency than there counterparts. They not only pollute less but also save considerable amount of the fuel for our coming generations. So for controlling pollution, we should use hybrid cars.
  • For saving your monthly budget of the gasoline, hybrid car is a good option. As told before they are more fuel efficient, more over like electric car there batteries need to be charged.
  • Hybrid cars use the principle of regenerative braking which means that they recover the kinetic energy which is lost in the barking time to be stored in the battery. So it is good way to conserve energy.
  • If you are ready to have more power full driving comfort. As they have higher pick up due to the electric motor having quick pick up they provide good response to the divers.
  • Many nations have started giving tax exemptions on buying hybrids so you can save tax by using hybrid cars.
  • Hybrids are very good in city driving where the traffic is high. For example, in Bangalore where you have to stop and go after every 2-3 minutes due to high traffic, you will definitely want to maximize the use of the every single drop of the fuel.

In my opinion, if you are escapist and fearing the high initial cost then you will not be agree to my points. Yeah today the Hybrids are costlier than there counterparts as there have been tremendous amount of research and time and material which is been applied to the launching such cars. The future lies in hybrid cars, very soon gasoline cars are going to be rolled out of the market. I shall be writing on Hybrid, please let me know if you have any queries to ask about hybrid technologies.